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Happy Summer!
I recently returned from travels in gorgeous Ireland and I have an awesome story of synchronicity to share with you. But first, just a quick update on Stories Love Music development. Since January 2015, i have completed the Dementia Care Training at The Alzheimer’s Association NYC, lead group workshops and one on one sessions for people with dementia at several facilities. I also led 2 workshops for Care Givers at The Alzheimer’s Association NYC. Developing this program is challenging and inspiring and i am excited to see what the future holds for it.

Onto my synchronicity story! So i recently returned from a magical trip to Ireland and i fell in love with the country and it’s people. The land is stunningly beautiful and i enjoyed much music and story telling from the natives.
At my first one on one Stories Love Music session after my trip, i am working with a man with dementia, let’s call him Mr. G. We sing together and he begins to tell me stories about his childhood in….IRELAND! I am excited of course and encourage him to tell me more! He talked of his mother’s death when he was 5 and how his father sent him away to a school, where they made him sing a song in Gaelic over and over;  he did not know what the song meant but he remembered it and sang it to me in Gaelic!
As he sang, i had goosebumps, as i had not yet told him i had just returned from a trip to Ireland. Mr. G went on to tell me stories of his life in the marines and how he ended up in NYC working as a doorman in fancy hotels. I loved his stories so much i plan on recording him to share his stories with the world.
There is alot of synchronicity in this work and it’s part of what makes me love it!
Thanks for reading,