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Stories Love Music and Loretta Veney Inspires
Music and LEGO® Collaboration Events

The Stories Love Music Mission includes improving the care and support of seniors with dementia and exploring and creating connections between music, storytelling and emotional health.

The Loretta Veney Inspires mission includes bringing joy and hope to those with dementia and their caregivers by having them build and share the stories of LEGO® models created using the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology.

Both Stories Love Music and Loretta Veney Inspires independently provide activities that reduce anxiety, depression and burnout in caregivers and senior citizens, and now in a special collaboration from both organizations, a special training event has been developed.

The Collaboration Training Event will provide:

    1. Musical selections and strategies for managing behaviors of seniors with dementia and self-care for caregivers.
    2. LEGO® building tasks that participants will complete in response to the musical selections played, benefiting both seniors and caregivers.

The collaborative sessions will allow participants to experience the power of
both listening to music and creating their own responses to it.

Through this collaboration participants will leave with double tools for
avoiding burnout from just one event.

Upcoming Events

Memories from Our Inspiring Events

A special event for caregivers through a resilience grant from Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program.