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Train the trainer

We have developed a trainer program for those interested in leading “The Joy of Creative Engagement for Caregivers” program.

*Please contact us if you are interested in having a preliminary interview for this.

What are we looking for in a potential trainer?

Position Description: This is an excellent ground floor opportunity for someone who loves music and has experience and/or education with individuals with dementia/Alzheimers to work closely with a professional and become one of the first trainers for this exciting program which trains caregivers who work with demential/Alzheimers loved ones/patients.

The individual will work with Ms. Ilyana Kadushin, Executive Director of Stories Love Music to learn how to conduct SLM Creative Engagement Workshops.

The interactions may be via videoconferencing or in person (as the current health crisis restrictions dictate).

This is an excellent position for a student, recent graduate or experienced or retired individual who has interest and passion for this area.

Education Desired
Some professional education. A student or graduate in a related field: Gerontology, Social Work, Music/Music Therapy, Nursing, Education.

Experience Desired
Familiarity/caregiver experience working with senior clients and or/ seniors with memory impairment/dementia/Alzheimers.

Characteristics Desired
Musically inclined/comfortable singing.
Good instincts for leadership and group facilitation.  Positive energy.

*Salary and Time Frame to be determined.

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