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Stories Love Music

Honor Wall

Cathy Habeger

Bernadette Gietka

Randy Haviland & Joan Poole

Nancy Day and Curt Karl, PhD

Sylvia and James Angstadt

Dr. Carolyn Stegman

Elizabeth and Michael Maroney

Barbara J. Ford

Charles Reed Clay (Charles’ Swan Song)

Gloria May Braun Bogard Breisch

Laura Abbott and her dad Alvin Arthur Abbott

Loretta Woodward Veney

Nancy Hendley

Nancy Widin Soper​ & ​Her Mom ​Adele Widin

​Peter & Karen Ford

Ruth Daily Hess

Sarah Zartman and her mother Floss Clark Frank

How to honor your loved one on the virtual honor wall

With a donation of $100, we will honor your loved one or a caregiver, that you want to honor, on the Stories Love Music’s honor wall.

To submit a picture of yo​ur special caregiver or your loved one along with their story of honor, you will be redirected to the online honor wall form after you make your donation.

If you are mailing in your donation, and need the virtual honor wall form please download here and email it back to