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Caregiver Resources

Recommended Books

  • Dementia Reconsidered Tom Kitwood
  • Dementia Reimagined Tia Powell
  • Contented Dementia by Oliver James
  • Ten Thousand Joys, Ten Thousand Sorrows Olivia
  • Hoblitzelle
  • Validation Naomi Feil
  • Making an Exit Elinor Fuchs

Home Safety, ADL’s, and Activities

• This Caring Home (Rosemary Bakker)

• The Alzheimer’s Store

 Alzheimer’s Association:
As always, the Alzheimer’s Association is available 24/7 through our Helpline 800.272.3900 or our website,

Our support groups, education services and care consultations are also available virtually. To find a virtual support group or education program, go to: or call our Helpline.


Music Sources

Alzheimer’s Products

The Arts and Dementia Care

• Stories Love Music Ilyana Kadushin/James Harrell

• TimeSlips (Anne Basting)

• To Whom I May Concern (Maureen Matthews)

• Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (Gary Glazner)

• connect2culture® network of NYC museums and other cultural institutions, providing specialized programming for people with dementia and their caregivers.  Full list at

• Montessori-based activities for dementia – Cameron Camp

• Communication and cueing systems – Michelle Bourgeois

• Communication, behaviors, and personal care – Teepa Snow youtube

Communication and Validation – Naomi Feil Youtube

Recommended Films

Watch “The Father” starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman.

“Florian Zeller’s film “The Father” makes an inexplicably cruel element of the human condition recognizable in a way that only good art can. At once both an unsettlingly accurate simulation of what it’s like to love someone with dementia, and also a strikingly believable conception of what it’s like to live as someone with dementia, Florian Zeller’s “The Father” envisions senility as a house of mirrors in which everyone loses sight of themselves. Adapted from Zeller’s award-winning play of the same name, and directed with a firm hand by the playwright himself, this M.C. Escher drawing of a movie chips away at the austerity of the Euro-dramas that inform its style until every shot betrays the promise of its objectivity, and reality itself becomes destabilized.” -(Indie Wire)

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