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In the United States, 40 + million people are caregivers. Many of them take care of elders who suffer from memory loss, depression and anxiety and many of these care givers are unpaid.

We want to bring the Stories Love Music program to this deserving and under served population.

We offer caregivers our free program, which provides both self-care ideas and new tools to apply to their caregiving.

What is the Stories Love Music program? 

We teach caregivers how to conduct a creative engagement session, which is an interactive music and storytelling session for the one they care for. Through fun and meaningful exercises and role playing, the caregivers explore their own relationship to music, and the thoughts, feelings and stories it evokes. The caregivers look at the effects of music and storytelling on the brain and body and how it can deeply affect their emotional health and caregiving experience.

What do caregivers learn in The Joy of Creative Engagement Program?

Caregivers engage on a very deep level of listening to music. This encourages those they are caring for to also listen more deeply to the music and to the thoughts and to the stories that pop up! In the same way, an item like a photograph, a book or certain food, can bring a mood for sharing a story, so can music.

When someone talks of their love of music, this passion and information can contribute to a fuller picture of their personality.

The participants are given an opportunity to be seen and heard and open up about what the music is stimulating in them and their imagination. This engagement fosters a calm but social place where participants can be animated in their stories, which are brought on by the music. Caregivers learn to use music, which can provide stimulation, comfort and relief and transform their caregiving day.


The ever growing community of Elders with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is certainly one of those communities that can feel lost, not heard or seen.

We feel Music and Storytelling which are both spiritual traditions, can kindle the SPIRIT and can take us on a journey through memories and bring us into a deeper presence, into the present moment.