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Hello! I wanted to give you a brief update on StoriesLoveMusic and it’s development. 
This winter, with all the snow, ice and cold temps; we may forget that their are groups of elders, who must stay inside to stay safe and warm.
I thought, this is the perfect time to bring my developing StoriesLoveMusic Program out into “The Field” of elder facilities.
We have been having some incredible SLM sessions, with groups of elders and elders with Dementia. Bringing in the music and giving the elders the space and attention to feel the music and share the stories, thoughts and feelings sparked by it, has been a source of warmth and light during this dark cold winter.
I learned alot in the Dementia program i studied and applying the lessons into the field is rewarding and very challenging. My agenda” for “breakthroughs in communication” are not always possible and really seeing the “connections” that are naturally occurring, is the greatest lesson. One woman at my SLM session said over and over, “Music is better than Medicine”. This made me I think of my day at Columbia University for the “Narratives in Medicine” think tank and it’s CORE message. The importance of the “act of telling your story” and really being heard, should NOT be underestimated in the field of health and healing. More soon! Thanks for reading. ~Ilyana