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Welcome to the Stories Love Music blog where we share the progress of this now 501c3 and how it is evolving.
It was 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, when the seed was planted to find a way to bring music and story telling together in a magical way.
Stories Love Music hit a milestone this month!
On May 9th 2018, we presented and fully funded our first caregiver creative engagement workshop since becoming a non-profit 1 year ago! We held this special full day event at Worcester County Commission of Aging in Snow Hill, Maryland. It was a two part workshop that included creative engagement as both self care and tool applications for caregivers working with elders with dementia. The workshop was free for all the caregivers, they also received lunch and payment for attending. So grateful to all our supporters who helped us get here.
Thank you so much and stay tuned for more program announcements.