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What We Offer

Basic Program

Access to a library of 25 videos of The Joy of Creative Engagement Program which are pre-recorded videos available on subscription for an annual fee that employees can watch on demand.

Topics include self-care through music, care for the caregiver, and creative activities with a family member with dementia. Fee per month for video service for a year of access to all employees in need.

Tier Options

Silver Level

Access to our video library plus one hour per month live-virtual group participative workshops.

Opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and ask questions.

Gold Level

Video access, live virtual workshops, and personal coaching one on one sessions.

10 sessions a month or packaged as a series.

À La Carte

One-to-One coaching

Live in-person training for groups with specific attributes and follow-up options. Tailored pre-packaged in-servicing for professionals with follow-up sessions available as needed.

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