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Karin Hess Benton


Ruth Daily Hess

Ruth Daily Hess was the consummate wife, mother, and grandmother. She lived so much of her life making sure our lives were the best they could be. Because our Dad’s business often required long hours away, Mom was always the one attending the myriad of school, music, and sports events. She was always there for us.

But, this woman who had always been the family caretaker for my father, my brother Don, and me, ironically needed to be taken care of during the last 5 years of her 93 year life. At first, we attributed her forgetfulness to her blindness from macular degeneration. Soon, however, it became apparent that she had a form of dementia resulting in confusion and anxiety. My brother and I, and the rest of our family, were determined to be there for her. After a lifetime of love and care from her, it was our pleasure to return it.