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After the 2nd class of Dementia care training for care givers, i see what my main goal in here is. Not just to create my StoriesLoveMusic program, but to really wrap my head with compassion for what is really happening here. People you and i know and love, may lose their mind, their memories and sense of SELF. They will be AFRAID and they will need our understanding and love, NOT our fear and impatience. My focus as i learn, is about how  i can improve the Art of communicating in this situation and how MUSIC, which for someone with Dementia is the LAST memory to leave, can spark their stories and understanding of how they FEEL. Sitting with professional care givers  and knowing that when they understand the power in “telling” their story, it will impact their patience to listen to the person with Dementia and hear their story. That story may come out in bits and pieces, in a non-linear process but it’s their story.  SO i am learning in this course that with the person with Dementia you must: First and foremost:  Bond, Talk and Move. Be in agreement, see them, hear them, understand what they are feeling, ask them questions that are simple and direct and allow them to move toward something they feel they need to move toward. Don’t fight, don’t try to strong arm them into submitting to your truth. Be there with them in what they are going through.