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Mary Ellen Clark​

Honors Caregivers

Nancy Widin Soper​ & her mom Adele Widin

​This is to honor my dear friend of over 60 years, Nancy Widin Soper and her mom Adele Widin. Adele was like a second mother to me and our families were very close growing up. I am so proud of my friend Nancy and the care she gave her mom in her last years. From Nancy: Interestingly, music was the one thing that stuck with my mom the longest. When she could no longer remember much of anything and was having problems putting together a coherent sentence, she could sing along with with any song she had ever known without missing a single word! Even after she lost the ability to articulate things, she would hum along to songs she would hear! Maybe, most importantly, music continued to bring her a contentment and happiness that otherwise seemed to be missing as her Alzheimer’s progressed.