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Greetings and Happy Summer time.
Between work and travel, I have not been able to check in here until now.
Since my last post, I have led several group and individual Stories Love Music Sessions. My devotion to this work has been evolving constantly. When I began, my focus was solely working with people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Then I expanded out to also work with their professional care givers and family members too.
Now I realize, my devotion to this field has deepened, because of my awareness of the lack of “Social Equity” elders have in this culture and country. “Social” here meaning, relating to society and it’s organization and “Equity” meaning, fair value.Picture
So to be clear, our elders A.K.A “Senior Citizens” of the ole USA, are lacking in carrying “a fair value in our society and culture”.
We value YOUTH more in the United States, because your social equity here peaks at the ripe old age of 25. I am singling out this country, because here our elders feel invisible and getting quite sick with age but in other countries, where your social equity increases as you get older, (surprise, surprise) those elders age with more vitality and health. Why? Because they are VALUED, HEARD and SEEN. With the Baby boomers increasing our elder population largely, we will need to face this issue and if we are WISE, shift our society and culture to VALUING our elders and listening to them, creatively engaging with them and learning from them. I learn from them in every session I lead. My next branch of this Stories Love Music program, will be to continue to bring generations of young and old together to learn from and enjoy each other.
Thanks for reading and my call to action is this:
How can what you do be more inter-generational and include the elder population?
Leave me a comment! xoi