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I just completed my last Dementia Care class at Alzheimer’s Association this week and we have graduation next week! I wholeheartedly recommend this association and their classes, they are an AMAZING resource. They have chapters all over the country and educate both families and care givers of people with dementia.
The instructor trainer, Nancy Hendley is amazing and my class mates are a special group of human beings. This last class we talk about the importance of:


Opening your view of dementia with COMPASSION.
Working with someone with dementia keep their ALIVENESS going.
You CONNECT with them by allowing their PASSIONS and interests to be taken seriously. Use your IMAGINATION to spark theirs.
See and relate to them SOUL to SOUL and you will be more in sync with them, as opposed to trying to force them to be where you want them to be.

This month i have several STORIES LOVE MUSIC  events and will blog here as I apply what I am learning!

Thanks for Reading and as always love to hear from you,