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What i am learning, is that people with Dementia live in that place, the place that is the moment of the HERE AND NOW. And when you are with them, spending time with them, they lead you to this place. They want you to be in the moment of here and now with them. So the biggest piece of knowledge i have received so far is, BE THERE IN THE MOMENT WITH THEM. They demand you live in TRUTH and they can see when you are not. Interestingly the teacher of this course spends alot of time telling the care givers that SELF CARE  is the KEY. Incredibly she brings in Massage Therapists, Music Therapists, Yoga and Meditation instructors; all to allow us the care givers, to value SELF CARE, which is vital to release TENSION and EMOTIONAL blocks, to FREE the voice and body, to CENTER the mind. All which bring us to the PRESENT MOMENT we speak of with CALMNESS and GRACE, which allows you to meet the person with Dimentia in the present moment and allows a TRUE CONNECTION with them there. This is a brilliant connection for her to make, as so many of these care givers are so WORN OUT and when their person with Dimentia is agitated and not making sense to them, they have nothing left to bring themselves to where they need to be, in the MOMENT.
“Music is a life line to those with Dementia” , Yup that’s why I am doing this.
Thanks for reading and love to hear from you about your experiences,